Trees in Birmingham

There are about 1 million trees in Birmingham – they are in our parks, along our streets and in our back gardens.

To see where most of these trees are:

You can put in your postcode to see the trees in your area and zoom in. Curio gives the species and sometimes a photo. You can use the Area Select button to draw a shape on the map and the site tells you how many trees are in that area. You can also upload any missing trees that you find.

This shows the trees on a street in Small Heath. One that one road there are 7 species.

There are also trees mapped on Treezilla and itree. The West Midlands Combined Authority is also looking to map trees in its area.

If you have a concern about a tree then contact the City Council:

Click plot a new enquiry and complete the boxes and submit. You can attach a photo as well.