About Us

Birmingham TreePeople was set up as part of the Tree Warden Scheme, by BCC‘s Tree Officers, in 2016

The charity, that came to be known as Birmingham TreePeople, consists of knowledgeable professionals within the arboriculture industry, prepared to use their skills and expertise to plant, protect and promote trees and the urban forest.

The urban forest is far more important than given credit for. The canopies of trees provide shade and help reduce urban heating, they help with storm-water drainage, and their production of oxygen helps offset the carbon footprint, improving the air quality.

That’s why Birmingham TreePeople, and the rest of our Urban Forest Volunteers, undertake every project with this in mind. We want to make the city a better, greener place to live.

What do Birmingham TreePeople do?

Gather Information

We will be using iTree software to survey the entire city to calculate the benefits of the urban forest. This is a big task that is already underway.

Our Urban Forest Volunteers look out for pests and diseases on city trees and alert the tree officers. They also as spot and report planning breaches.

We also help with citizen science research, developing better records for trees in the city. In particular, for The Urban Forest Master Plan.


Urban Forest Volunteers link with local Councillors over issues affecting trees in their wards, using communication skills and knowledge. This helps local councils support their neighborhoods with better resources and information.

Urban Forest Volunteers support landowners over the trees on their land, in order to preserve residential, urban trees. Trees within housing areas are of great importance for increasing tree benefits to improve communities.

Thanks to our liaison skills, community engagement, our policies and projects, BTP gained the status of Tree City in 2019. This is great achievement for our non-profit organisation, and will continue our work with greater determination.

Practical Projects

Urban Forest Volunteers organise activities in their local parks and open spaces.
These workshops and community events include, but are not limited to:

Tree Planting | Tree Care | Pruning | Mulching | Link with Nurseries | Tree Identification Walks | Tree Dressing | Arts & Crafts Activities

Privacy Policy

Please see below our privacy policy statement, explaining why and how we store and use the information we gather from our urban forest volunteers.

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