Our volunteers being interviewed by Woodland Trust

Podcast Archive

Here is our podcast archive, where we keep a list of links to all of our podcast posts and video uploads, across various platforms. Some podcasts are voice-only, whilst others have videos as they’re lectures or seminars, and other training videos are also available. The archive descends newest to oldest.

Trees In Planning Applications

Simon Needle talks about how to find information about trees in planning applications, and the types of reports to look for.

iTree Eco 2023

Ian McDermott delivered a riveting and entertaining lecture on the crucial tree data collection software BTP are using for the Urban Forest Master Plan and iTree Eco. In conjunction with Treeconomics, Barton Hyatt Associates, and Forest Research, BTP have been commissioned by the West Midlands Combined Authority to undertake this international survey. Now the largest of its kind within the UK.

Highbury Orchard Community

David, Liz, Rhiannon and Cath are on the management committee for the Highbury Orchard Community, next to Highbury Park. Tonia Clark talks to them about the orchard, and how they involve local people in the seasonal orchard tasks. Henbury’s apple trees are ancient apples with small fruit and bright red flowers.

Tree Planting

Debbie Needle from Birmingham Trees for Life talks to Tonia Clark from BTP about community tree planting. There’s also a short piece about the hawthorn, that is covered in white flowers in May.

Tree Identification

Ian McDermott, arboriculturalist, lecturer and trainer for BTP, talks to Chair Tonia Clark about how to identify trees. There’s also a short piece on the yew tree, steeped in mystery and myth.

Health Benefits of Trees

Tonia Clark, from BTP, interviews Eleanor Hoad, Forest School teacher, Urban Forest Volunteer and community gardener, about the health benefits of trees. There is also a short piece on the birch tree, as they are a pioneer species, often found in heather moorlands.

A row trees, tree banner, interim results of street trees banner, cartoon trees

Interim Results: Street Tree Survey

The interim results for the street tree survey were presented during the September 16th free online training session. The recorded session is now available as a podcast video here. The general overview of this survey is to asses the crown dieback, overall condition, and potential damage of street trees, old and newly planted. This will determine we can proceed with planting new species suitable for the warming climate.

Pests and Diseases

Simon Needle, Principal Arboriculturalist for Birmingham City Council and Chair of the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust, talks about the pests and diseases common in trees. There’s also a short piece on the rowan tree.

A tree does not stand alone

In this podcast, Steve Watson from BTP recounts his personal journey into the tree world.

Forestry Commission

Jim Smith, National Urban Forestry Advisor to the Forestry Commission, talks to Tonia about urban forests. There’s also a short piece on the beech tree.

Insects and Trees

Liam Crowley, entomologist at the University of Birmingham and the University of Oxford talks to Tonia Clark. This podcast is about the impact of insects on trees and woodlands. There’s also a short piece on the lime tree.


Professor Rob MacKenzie, head of the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research at the University of Birmingham, talks to BTP Chair, Tonia Clark, about its pioneering research into climate change and woodlands. There’s also a short piece on the horse chestnut, that has impressive flower spikes.

Street Trees and Oak

Ian McDermott, arboriculturialist and trainer for BTP, talks to Chair Tonia Clark about the role of street trees. Street trees often go unnoticed, but they are an essential part of our city landscapes. Additionally, there is also a short piece on the oak tree.