The Zephaniah Forest 2024

Tonia Clark, Restore Nature Now, 22/06/24
Katy and Lisa hugging the tree they worked so hard for - Hodge Hill tree planting for tree week 2023, UFA
urban forest volunteers
Tree Cities of the World UK Tree Cities Forum 2024, UK Tree Cities, Birmingham, Birmingham TreePeople
Street trees Nechells
3 out of 6 pictured are Trustee L2 award winners, the first course run by Birmingham TreePeople
Dee and Mac of Birmingham TreePeople helping a volunteer group select species for plotting a tree trail.
Urban forest master plan, the front page of the document Birmingham TreePeople commissioned for the city with BCC, Treeconomics, and Forest Institute
Tree planting icon
Lots of trees for tree week 2023
Steve and Cath watching Tiffany dig a hole.
tree care with katy and nechells pod
Debt Justice Treemembrance planting
Benjamin Zephaniah
Urban Tree Festival: Tree Equity Walk and Talk, 16th May 2024, Urban Forest Accelerator project
Tonia, Simon, & Mac at the launch for the Midlands Forest Network.
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A family laughing beneath the canopy of a tree in Handsworth Park, taken with permission.
View of Birmingham's urban forest from Park Regis, by Simon Needle of Birmingham TreePeople
The whole team for the tree planting
Our volunteers being interviewed by Woodland Trust
Women’s Tree Walk
Katy Hawkins led an all women's nature-based workshop in Alum Rock with Women of Worth recently, a sensory tree walk sharing biology, symbolism, and herbal uses. Now that we have received a generous grant from Arconic, we can plant some new trees in this priority ward this coming Winter, and …
Winners: School Poster Competition
Announcing the Winners Now that St. Joseph’s and Cromwell schools have been notified, and their winning pupils are aware of their posters adorning new trees in their ward, we can announce the winning posters online! Yesterday, Katy Hawkins walked around Nechells, installing the creative, hand-drawn posters by local children on …
65 Poems for 65 Years
THE ZEPHANIAH FOREST: 65 POEMS FOR 65 TREES FOR 65 YEARS We are calling for submissions for our Benjamin Zephaniah legacy forest poetry competition! We are asking all of you creative Brummies to submit a poem on the theme of nature and Benjamin, and 65 of these poems will be …
Birmingham TreePeople Autumn tree banner image with transparent background

Man hugging a tree - tree hugger
A woman sitting on a bench working amongst nature.

Trees Please

Leave de trees please

Cause de trees

Work wid de breeze

To put all living tings at ease,

So leave de trees please.

Yu see

Down in Somerset, England,

I know a tree

Dat is one thousand

An five hundred years old.

Dat is a wise tree

Dat is a tree

I need

To talk to,

Dat is a tree

We animals should listen to.

For millions of animals

Trees are a home,

Trees can help shelter yu home,

So leave de trees alone.

Trees mek oxygen.

Let me say dat again:

Trees mek oxygen,

So mek a tree yu fren.

Leave de trees please

Cause de trees

Work wid de breeze

To put all living tings at ease,

An they help de birds and bees

Old an wise are all of these,

So leave de trees please


Leave de trees please.

Benjamin Zephaniah
Benjamin Zephaniah
A selection of popular ditties by Brummies.
Birmingham TreePeople logo banner: IT DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT WITHOUT GREEN.