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Birmingham TreePeople are nature-loving urban forest volunteers with the aim to plant, protect and promote trees and the urban forest.

View of Birmingham's urban forest from Park Regis, by Simon Needle

About Us

Birmingham TreePeople are urban forest volunteers that gather information about local trees, get involved in tree matters, and work on practical projects in the urban environment.

Winter tree identification, 16/03/24

Our Trees

If you want to find out more about the trees BTP are looking after, and some of the projects we are undertaking, take a look at this useful section that includes the TreePlotter map.

Several pictured Trustees receiving the Tree Cities of the World status with BCC and government officials.

Tree City

In 2019, Birmingham TreePeople were granted the status of Tree City of the World, which is a great honour for our green, flourishing city. Click here to find out why we received it.

urban forest volunteers


Would you like to join us and our diverse network of enthusiastic urban forest volunteers in Birmingham? Find out everything you need to know about tree volunteering here.

Street tree surveying in Nechells, 07/04/24

Street Trees

We are currently undergoing a survey of Birmingham’s street trees, assessing newly planted trees, and we are actively encouraging volunteers to get involved – let us know if you’d like to volunteer.

3 out of 6 pictured are Trustee L2 award winners, the first course run by Birmingham TreePeople


BTP run free, monthly training sessions for urban forest volunteers on trees, tree care and woodlands. However, we also provide a paid L2 Arboriculture course, if you’d like to learn more about trees.

Dee and Mac of Birmingham TreePeople helping a volunteer group select species for plotting a tree trail.

Tree Trails

Do you like walking in the park (with or without children)? The Friends’ tree trails are available in various parks across Birmingham, and it’s just like Pokémon Go for trees, so we’ve plotted them online.

Urban forest master plan, the front page of the document Birmingham TreePeople commissioned for the city with BCC, Treeconomics, and Forest Institute


We are proud to have commissioned the Urban Forest Master Plan for the city with BCC, in conjunction with Treeconomics and Nature Based Solutions Institute – but what is it that plan all about?

What’s New With


Urban Tree Festival, tree equity walk


This brand new rolling events slider will help keep our urban forest volunteers – not to mention our Trustees and employees – up-to-date with our workshops, activities, surveys, planting, training, projects, and much more.

Tree Equity

Tree Equity has been an important factor in the decisions we’ve made for our tree strategy. Through our Urban Forest Master Plan, and the Urban Forest Accelerator, increasing canopy cover in our priority wards has been equity focused.

El drago de San Antonio, Icod de los Vinos, Tenerifé, 800-1000 years old. 2003

Tree Tales

We’re calling for submissions for Tree Tales! They will be archived on our website, a compilation of individual or group stories about nature and green spaces for a collective anthology. What’s your favourite memory with trees?

Tonia, Simon, & Mac at the launch for the Midlands Forest Network.

The Trustees

Have you ever wondered who our dedicated Trustees are? They are hardworking industry professionals, who volunteer for the charity and provide their time and services. Find out more about our board members and what their roles are.

Tree Planting & Maintenance

Lots of trees for tree week 2023

Tree Selection

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to planting, it’s the tree; one of the most important things is choosing the right species for the right location. This ensures the tree flourishes in its new place.

Steve and Cath watching Tiffany dig a hole.

Tree Planting

Once the tree has been selected for the location, this page has a step-by-step guide to planting a new tree, with the do’s, dont’s, and definitely’s of the tree planting stages.

tree care with katy and nechells pod

Tree Care

Once the trees are planted, it’s our responsibility to water them and provide the aftercare they need to grow. Here are some top tips on how to look after new and old trees.

Debt Justice Treemembrance planting


This commemorative tree programme aims to encourage adoption, and further add new trees to Birmingham’s urban forest. This gives the sponsor the opportunity to commemorate an event or person.

png image of the earth

Stay Updated
With Birmingham TreePeople

A family laughing beneath the canopy of a tree in Handsworth Park, taken with permission.

Our Blog

Shade of the Canopy is a blog by TreePeople, for TreePeople. It includes articles about our events, workshops, training, videos, and everything in between. Stay updated with our new blog page. See below for our most recent posts.

person on a bench in a park reading a book


We have recently begun circulating monthly – Birmingham Roots – and fortnightly – The Droplet – newsletters for our mailing list. This archive holds all the issues, if you prefer not to download. We also accept outside articles and adverts.

Our volunteers being interviewed by Woodland Trust


These recorded interviews are about different aspects of trees, by various experts within the industry, logged here in the Podcast (and videos) Archive. Look back on the best classes and talks, concerning all manner of tree-related topics.

Urban Tree Festival 2024 Gallery
Photos taken by professional National Trust photographer, at the Urban Tree Festival 2024: Tree Equity Walk & Talk, by Katy Hawkins (BTP Engagement Officer) and the rest of the Urban Forest Accelerator team. Thank you to everyone who attended!
Urban Tree Festival 2024
Urban Tree Festival: Tree Equity Online Seminar The Woodland Trust kindly invited us to speak at their Tree Equity seminar, as part of the Urban Tree Festival 2024. After Paul Wood from Urban Tree Festival introduced the Tree Equity seminar as part of the wider festivities, Adam Cormack from The …
Tree People Network Day
Urban trees are now widely recognised for the array of ecosystem services and benefits that they provide. Politically, trees have risen a long way up the agenda. They are now at the forefront of tools in the fight against climate change, loss of biodiversity, air quality, the Urban Heat Island …
Birmingham TreePeople Autumn tree banner image with transparent background

Plant your seeds here…

Birmingham TreePeople's Autumn leaf banner with clear background
Man hugging a tree - tree hugger

Free Training

Are you a tree hugger? Do you love nature and the environment? Would you like to learn more about trees? BTP run a free training course for our urban forest volunteers, covering basic arboricultural knowledge and skills. Training sessions take place on the third Saturday of the month, from 10am – 12pm. Reminders circulate by using the mailing list, and the sessions are a mix of online seminars and in-person workshops. To join our regular sessions, or to try one as a taste to see if it’s for you, please contact us or email: [email protected].

L2 Arboriculture

Arboriculture is defined as the study, cultivation, and management of trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants. The L2 Certificate in Arboriculture is designed for anyone working in the sector, in both public and private, whether as paid staff or voluntary support. The course aims to complement their training and experience, and to provide evidence of their knowledge of arboriculture. Due to the lack of skills in this area of work, we are providing this course as a way to encourage learning and careers, and eventually will offer L4 as well. Even if you’re a beginner, all applicants are welcome, so if you’ve wanted to learn more about trees for a long time, now is your moment!

A woman sitting on a bench working amongst nature.

… and grow with the trees.

Urban banner

Trees Please

Leave de trees please

Cause de trees

Work wid de breeze

To put all living tings at ease,

So leave de trees please.

Yu see

Down in Somerset, England,

I know a tree

Dat is one thousand

An five hundred years old.

Dat is a wise tree

Dat is a tree

I need

To talk to,

Dat is a tree

We animals should listen to.

For millions of animals

Trees are a home,

Trees can help shelter yu home,

So leave de trees alone.

Trees mek oxygen.

Let me say dat again:

Trees mek oxygen,

So mek a tree yu fren.

Leave de trees please

Cause de trees

Work wid de breeze

To put all living tings at ease,

An they help de birds and bees

Old an wise are all of these,

So leave de trees please


Leave de trees please.

Benjamin Zephaniah

A selection of popular ditties by Brummies.