Highters Heath Tree Planting

Today we celebrated Tree Week in Highters Heath, with Highters Heath Community School and the Friends of Daisy Farm Park. We worked with the new friends group and school earlier this year to plant trees, and now we are back for more!

Despite the soggy weather, the wonderful group of prefects from the local school came with smiles on their faces, to plant trees with the TreePeople on Maypole Grove this morning. Charley, the Communications Officer, met the teachers and pupils at the school, enjoying a nice community walk to the planting location. There they met Ian McDermott and Julianne Statham, BTP Trustees, and the Woodland Team’s Leon and Nick, ready for planting the new gingko trees.

Mac told the children about the special tree, thought to be extinct but is now planted globally, the Gingko Biloba or Maindenhair Tree. Splitting into two groups of girls versus boys – because at this age we still have cooties – the teams set about who could plant the tree quicker, but in the end, they were evenly matched! The adults helped the two teams and taught the kids how to plant the trees from hole to stake ties; they were true naturals and grubby from all the hard work when we were finished.

The whole team for the tree planting
The full team with grubby hands! All photos taken with permissions.
Birmingham TreePeople would like to thank Highters Heath Community School for participating in this tree planting with us, as well as Steve Anderson from Friends of Daisy Farm Park, and of course Mac, Julianne, and the Woodland team for all the help and fun we had planting trees!