Nature Walk: Edgbaston Reservoir

About 20 people came along to the nature walk around Edgbaston Reservoir, with Friends of Edgbaston Reservoir, on Saturday 30th March for Easter.

Lovely sunny day, the group spotted flora, fauna and funga on the interesting north side of the Local Nature Reserve.

Nature Walk: Edgbaston Reservoir, 30/03/24

The Reservoir has a relatively recent history and is an early part of the development of this part of the city. The LNR has five distinct plantation areas including a wetland. The spring is rapidly developing, but still cunningly disguising the identity of the trees. Help was on hand from a brilliant, teenage forester who knew his stuff! The trees at the LNR are mostly traditional deciduous and provide a useful learning resource.

Thank you to everyone who came along for Steve Watson’s walk, we are already looking forward to the next!