Nechells, Bloomsbury Tree Planting

Simon holding one of Nechells' new trees for planting

We were joined by many enthusiastic nature-lovers in Nechells last Saturday 9th December, for our #TreeWeek planting on Bloomsbury Street. Our BTP team consisted of Simon, Katy, and Sue, who worked with Nechells POD, Lee Marsham, Majid Mahmood, 5 local adults and 6 children to help Gristwood And Toms plant 8 new trees.

The weather never deterred us! The holes were dug thanks to G&T, and the local community thoroughly enjoyed the sound enhanced planting ceremony with Cllr Mahmood. The arts and crafts session provided the kids a chance to shine with their artistic, wooden tree-tags and decorations with a Christmas theme. The POD, Councillor Marsham and Cllr Mahmood have posted some fantastic photos and videos of their own. If you haven’t seen their posts over the weekend, definitely take a peek on their social media channels!

A group shot of the planting squad in Nechells.

We would like to thank each and every high-spirited individual or organisation who helped us get these beautiful trees planted in Nechells. Another big step has been taken towards a greater, greener Birmingham!

We have more planting opportunities in the coming weeks. This Wednesday 13th there will be planting in Nechells again (Windsor and Vauxhall Places). Queens and Home Towers will be on the 17th. There will also be another session with the POD on the 18th on Vauxhall Road. If you’d like to join us, everyone is welcome.

Thanks to Sue for the photos.