Replacement Trees

Planting the replacement trees outside Truro Tower, 27th March 2024

Last year in March 2023, Ladywood Health and Community Centre acquired four flowering trees from the National Trust, a legacy from the Commonwealth Games.

Patchwork Meadow planted the trees with BTP’s help, along with wildflowers, in the raised beds in the grounds of Truro Tower on St Vincent Street. It is close to the famous statue of Blondin, who tightrope walked across the nearby Edgbaston Reservoir.

Sadly, only one tree survived. Kindly enough, NT supplied three replacement trees!

Two members of staff from Shakespeare Martineau, Jakob and Assissa, took a couple of hours off on Wednesday to help plant the replacements, with Alison from Patchwork Meadow and Steve Watson from BTP.

In wind and rain, like King Lear, the old were replaced with new, and the wildflower beds replenished with more seeds in time for Spring. 
Replacement trees at Truro Tower