Street Tree Survey: Hodge Hill

Nina measuring a street tree.

Nina Griffiths, BTP Trustee for the Street Tree Survey, held another survey session on Sunday 3rd March, split into two am and pm sessions. Deanne Brettle, BTP Trustee for Tree Trails, also assisted Nina and the urban forest volunteers during the training.

Martyn and his wife Cath signed up as urban forest volunteers last year, after Nina gave a demonstration of the street tree surveying during our Summer Social 2023. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, and the new trainees Alex and Charley, the morning session went smoothly under the morning, winter sun.

In the afternoon, long time volunteers Gig and Genny (the latter a member of our workshop partners FOHHC), as well as new surveyors Jitesh and Ruth, joined Nina and Dee to survey more trees around Hodge Hill.

A big thanks to all the volunteers who attended and surveyed the street trees with the Trustees for this project, as our street trees are an essential part of our urban environment and are often overlooked.

That’s why our dedicated volunteers not only surveyed a total of 11 trees, but 3 extra trees that weren’t on the survey list were rescued from overly tight stake ties and other damage. Many trees were pruned correctly with on-the-job training, to rescue possible pedestrians and cars from damaged branches falling, as well as freeing the bases of several trees from suckers to relieve stress.

BTP want the neighbourhoods of their street trees to be able to take ownership of their maintenance and care, ensuring that they thrive. The aim of the survey is to inform tree planting through data driven citizen science, and the data collected is recorded using TreePlotter.