Tree People Network Day

Tree People Network Day

Urban trees are now widely recognised for the array of ecosystem services and benefits that they provide. Politically, trees have risen a long way up the agenda. They are now at the forefront of tools in the fight against climate change, loss of biodiversity, air quality, the Urban Heat Island effect, flooding etc. There is also wide recognition for tree planting, establishment, and tree care across political parties.

Urban Forestry and community groups are key players in the collective effort to protect, promote and plant trees across the UK. A dearth of coordinated, tailored support for these groups means that their potential for positive, widespread action and impact has not been realised. If that potential could be unlocked and coordinated, the protection, planting of and promotion of urban trees and green spaces could be scaled up – with local people at its heart.

Trees for Cities and Birmingham TreePeople have joined forces, to scope the idea of a new national network of Urban Forestry community groups in the UK. The purpose of the “Tree People Network” (working title) is to build community capacity, knowledge and skills to plant, protect and promote urban trees and woods.

As part of the scoping phase for this project, Birmingham Tree People and Trees for Cities have planned an initial in-person, one day consultation event in June 2024, with a selection of existing Urban Forestry community groups. The feedback and findings from this event would lay the ground for developing a national network.

If you’re a member of a community group involved in urban trees and engagement, you won’t want to miss this – the first of its kind, as UK Tree Cities meet to learn, share, and connect. Tree People Network Day is taking place at The Exchange in Birmingham on Wednesday 12th June 2024. This gives attendees a chance to connect with other urban forestry and community groups from across the country in a unique event. We have a range of panelists and speakers from various parts of the industry sharing their knowledge:

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Keynote Speaker: Mark Johnston
Maria Adebowale-Schwarte - CEO, Foundation for Future London, and Founder, Living Space Project
Georgie Logan-Thorpe - Senior Urban Forests Manager, T4C
Tonia Clark - Principal Finance and Bids Officer, BCC, BTP
Russell Horsey MICFor, Urban Forester