Forest Information Billboard 3/2023

UNECE/FAO Forest Information Billboard 3/2023 is out, and BTP made the cut!

UNECE/FAO Forest Information Billboard 3/2023, page 9, containing BTP's TreePlotter engagement entry

As part of the recently published Urban Forest Master Plan, BTP have turned their attention to their tree planting strategy. This is a key priority for the UFMP and the upcoming planting season. Tree equity has been propelled to the forefront of our tree planting efforts, targeting priority wards with high deprivation and low canopy cover. To help engage the residents and ensure the successful establishment of trees, TreePlotter has been employed to easily record and alter the propositioned locations. Once the maps are finalised, more will be added in the future.

For those who want to get involved, see the proposed planting sites here.

The purpose of the Forest Information Billboard is to gather news from the forest
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