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Street Tree Survey 2024

Over the weekend, Sunday 25th February, Nina Griffiths – BTP Trustee in charge of the Street Tree Survey – led the first street tree surveying training session, as well as some emergency tree care for some damaged trees. The practical workshop in Bordesley Green followed an online introductory session to the theory of street trees […]

Orchard Pruning Training with Open Door

We hosted a wonderful and well-attended orchard pruning training session this morning, alongside Open Door, where we met an Ambridge House in Bromford to talk about the history of the trees in the area, as well as the new community orchard, and the pruning of the growing fruit trees. Cath Fletcher began the seminar by […]

Tree Equity Seminar with Woodland Trust

After working with The Woodland Trust previously on their Tree Equity Score, BTP were invited to attend and present at their internal Tree Equity seminar 8th February, to display the fantastic work that was done last year for National Tree Week 2023. We gathered at Nechells POD, one of our partners for last year’s planting, […]

Eden Project Communities

Tonia Clark, Trustee and BTP Chair, was delighted to be invited again on 31st January, to talk about organising tree activities, as part of Eden Project Communities’ Winter Warmer programme. She talked about how to organise a winter tree walk, that you don’t need to have a park nearby, and you can observe street trees, […]

Midlands Forest Network

Four years ago, we submitted a proposal paper to the West Midlands Combined Authority, suggesting a “Midlands Forest” project would be a fantastic idea to rival the great work on the Northern Forest. Wednesday 7th February, three Trustees – Tonia Clark, Simon Needle, and Ian McDermott – were invited to attend the formal launch of […]

Tree Equity

Originally assisting The Woodland Trust as consultants during the preliminary phase, Birmingham TreePeople contributed towards the launch of WT’s Tree Equity Score, by demonstrating and explaining some of the work we have already been doing in the City of Birmingham, with the Urban Forest Masterplan. BTP’s relationship with WT has developed further, as both charities […]

A ‘Dodgy’ Tree?

Whist checking the TreePlotter planting locations during the preparation for National Tree Week 2023, Ian McDermott of Birmingham TreePeople, and Andy Allison and Peter Hill of Birmingham City Council, came across a rather ‘dodgy-looking’ tree on Sunridge Avenue, Newtown. The sizable, white willow tree is situated next to a busy, residential car park, attached to […]

The Urban Forest Accelerator brings a quirky, sustainable touch

What is the Urban Forest Accelerator? The Urban Forest Accelerator is a partnership project focusing on the urban forest. National Trust, Woodland Trust, and Community Forest Trust currently support a range of Councils and diverse communities with significant urban green estates, with high potential to increase trees and woods that enhance existing heritage and create […]