Mapping the tree trails is a walk in the park

Tonia Clark and Deanne Brettle – with a little help from Ian McDermott – have been working on mapping the friends of the parks’ Handsworth Park tree trail, to add another tree trail to list of plotted areas and sites across the city, using TreePlotter.

Trees can change rather quickly; they can be eaten by pests, they can die from various diseases, they can be moved to a new location or an old tree can be taken down. That’s why the TreePlotter software comes in handy, by recording and altering the data with ease of access, to keep our records of trees updated.

BTP want to make sure the trails are inclusive of the many varieties of native and rare trees within the parks, so that ‘Pok√©mon Go for trees’ is as fun (and accurate) as it can be for friends, family and especially children.