Placement Students

Birmingham TreePeople, for the first time and hopefully not the last, are hosting placement students, and from two different levels of education. Emily and Naya will be joining us for a while to help us survey street trees and crunch TreePlotter data!

Emily Kendall

University of Birmingham Geography student, Emily Kendall, joins us for her third-year BA student placement this month. She will be working with us until next May, and will spend time working on the urban Street Tree Survey With Nina Griffiths.

Emily says, “I chose this placement because I love being outside and getting involved in data collection. I will be participating in the street tree project, examining how tree outcomes, such as survival, growth, and condition, are related to other variables, including environmental and social factors, as well as management efforts. I look forward to analysing some of the TreePlotter data, learning more about trees, and understanding the work involved within BTP.”

Naya Desai

We also have a PhD student from the same university, Naya Desai, who studies under Emma Ferranti in the Civil Engineering department.

She said, “I’m Naya, Emma’s PhD student! I’m currently working with the BTP data whereby I utilise data science approaches to understand patterns in the data. This includes, exploring the data through visualisations, unsupervised machine learning techniques such as k-means and I hope to build some prediction models using linear regression. My aim is to find interesting patterns in the data that can give us a better understanding of what trees are doing well and further see if we can make any useful predictions.”

Final Words

This has propelled us forward with our research agenda concerning the street tree surveys, and makes us unique amongst tree warden and urban forest volunteer groups. We look forward to having these students learn and grow with BTP, and to the next one we host! If you are a student, or you know students that would like a placement, or you simply want to get involved in the street tree surveying (or volunteer in another area like the tree trails), just let us know!

A forest with a tick-shaped lake in the middle.