Street Tree Survey 2024

Over the weekend, Sunday 25th February, Nina Griffiths – BTP Trustee in charge of the Street Tree Survey – led the first street tree surveying training session, as well as some emergency tree care for some damaged trees.

The practical workshop in Bordesley Green followed an online introductory session to the theory of street trees and the surveying of them, before the superb group of old and new volunteers headed out to collect this year’s data.

New volunteers and enthusiasts included Meena, Jitesh Patel, Qurat al Ain, Abdul Mateen, and Ruth Tetlow (who recently applied and has now planted the first memorial tree with us, through our Treemembrance programme that Julianne Statham leads, in commemoration of Debt Justice).

As previously mentioned, two of the trees found were sick or damaged, so emergency tree care was administered by the heartwarming team. Even though it rather cold with February’s hint of frostiness, the fun was ever-present, and the dedicated team of urban forest volunteers managed to survey ten trees, and with the upcoming Sunday 3rd March session, there’ll be more to come!