Street Tree Survey: Nechells

Nina Griffiths, BTP Trustee for Street Trees, held another survey session on Sunday 7th April. Not allowing Storm Kathleen to blow in and ruin our entire day, Nina and the other surveyors came for the morning session and surveyed the 10 trees in the area that were on the list (there were more, but a couple were absent, and another replanted, which is recorded using TreePlotter).

When the volunteers had some trouble locating certain trees (that proved to be absent), Nina stepped in to save them by demonstrating the use of TreePlotter to help the team locate the right tree that matched our list of street trees.

The surveyors – Julianne, Charley, Alex, and Jeevan – split into two teams to get the job done. Nina trained Jeevan on-the-ground, having joined us that day as a new surveyor, and on such a windy day her presence was warmly welcomed!

The group found an interesting street tree, that had had its planting hole stolen by another seed, had grown rapidly, and was thus choking the growth of the other, intended street tree.

Thank you to the volunteers and to Nina; we have 3,000 trees to survey, so please let us know if you’d like to get involved!