Street Tree Update

Street Trees in Sparkbrook

Our urban forest volunteers have been working diligently to survey the 3,000 street trees during the funded project this year, so Meena Haynes (one of our innovative volunteers) has devised her own tool to help her in her local area: an incredibly useful 1.5m plywood measuring stick, like a giant ruler. It speeds up surveying because less time is spent figuring out length and width, for those who are not great at estimating and guessing using the regular surveying methods. This stick gives Meena a big advantage for the street tree survey!

street tree graphic

Street Trees in Hodge Hill

7th May afternoon’s surveyors in Hodge Hill consisted of Rachel, Jeremy, Genny, Ahmed and Sofia. A new surveyor was trained, and some refresher training for others. We surveyed 12 trees, a bit of TLC given to some, and rescued a few more not on the list. Several trees need reporting to Kier, meaning we still have work to do to encourage public ownership of street trees! Well done to everyone for their hard work during this incredibly important project.

Street Trees in Nechells

Not only this, but Deanne Brettle, Trustee for Tree Trails, has just begun her PhD! Dee’s first day as a PhD student was straight on the job, with the Bloomington Protocol on housing trees that we planted in Tree Week 2023; a new chapter in our citizen science project! The first 7 trees we planted are still there and looking pretty good (the planes are category A!).

Dee and Mac surveying street trees during the first day of Dee's PhD!

Heart of England Community Foundation, West Midlands Combined Authority.