TreePlotter User Conference 2024

Birmingham TreePeople were invited to present at the first ever PlanIt-Geo Global TreePlotter User Conference, on the 5th March 2024.

TreePlotter is our go-to software solution for many of our Urban Forestry projects. That’s why we were selected from across the planet, to present some of those projects to users and members of the public during a 12-hour online conference, featuring users from Europe, USA, and Australia!

For BTP’s section, Ian McDermott gave an overview of our non-profit organisation, and spoke briefly about our Tree Equity planting programme. This has become the leading project of its kind in the UK, where we use TreePlotter to identify, plot, and plant trees, along with a community engagement thread. See our TreePlotter here.

However, the main thrust of the presentation was delivered by Nina Griffiths, the BTP Trustee charged with running the citizen science project, looking at the success of newly planted street trees (please let us know if you’d still like to get involved with the ongoing survey). Nina gave a brief overview of the burgeoning project, that now has dozens of volunteers engaged, along with two placement research students.

The audience were incredibly engaged with the presentation, and we are expecting to be invited back to talk in more detail about this soon.

We wanted to thank the organisers of the conference for our invite, as it was a pleasure to present to groups and individuals around the world the hard work our TreePeople – our urban forest volunteers – have been doing for our city.

A copy of the entire conference can be found here and BTP’s presentation is here.