Watering Cans

Watering cans arts and crafts session at the POD

We held another creative arts and crafts session at Nechells POD this Wednesday 17th, decorating watering cans to promote the aftercare and watering of the newly planted local trees.

Katy Hawkins, Engagement Officer, hosted this with a theme in mind: each of the three tables were dedicated to one of the new tree species on Bloomsbury Road, Hop Hornbeam, Sweet Gum, and American Ash. The children decorated their cans with these as prompts, using the wooden letters and acrylic pens to write their names and drawings on the white and green cans.

BTP want to encourage community ownership of trees, so once the watering cans were completed, the group set off down the road to visit the trees in question and give them some TLC. We all took turns to water the trees, explaining why we use watering bags (do you know what benefits they have?), and trying not to get caught in the water fight in the sunshine!

Thank you to Nechells POD for working with us again to create a wonderful, artistic session, bringing nature and our youth together, ensuring the lasting care of the community-planted trees around Nechells.

Now that it’s Springtime, water the trees please!