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TreePlotter User Conference 2024

Birmingham TreePeople were invited to present at the first ever PlanIt-Geo Global TreePlotter User Conference, on the 5th March 2024. TreePlotter is our go-to software solution for many of our Urban Forestry projects. That’s why we were selected from across the planet, to present some of those projects to users and members of the public […]

Trees a Crowd: “56(ish) Trees”

“The Trees a Crowd podcast is a series of informal conversations with artists, scientists and enthusiasts; a mutual celebration of the beauty of the environment and the way it inspires them as human beings.” “Hosted by artist, actor and ambassador to both the Wildlife Trusts and the Woodland Trust, David Oakes, each episode explores how […]

Pests and Diseases

Simon Needle, Principal Arboriculturalist for Birmingham City Council and Chair of the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trusts, talks to BTP Chair Tonia Clark about the pests and diseases common in trees at the moment. There’s also a short piece on the rowan tree.

Highbury Orchard Community

David, Liz, Rhiannon and Cath are on the management committee for the Highbury Orchard Community in Moseley, next to Highbury Park. Tonia Clark from Birmingham TreePeople talks to them about the orchard and how they involve local people in the seasonal orchard tasks. Henbury’s Apple Trees are ancient apples with small fruit and bright red […]

Insects and Trees

Liam Crowley talks to BTP about the impact of insects on trees and woodlands. He is an entomologist at University of Birmingham and University of Oxford, specialising in this kind of insect study, in relation to trees (also see the pests and diseases podcast). There’s also a short piece on the lime.